Thursday, July 7, 2011


Before bedtime, I took off my wide-leg jeans and threw them over the chair before I got in the shower. Post-shower, this is how I found Lily.

In other Lily news, we started dog training! She already knows a few commands (sit, shake, go to bed, stay, sit by your bowl, let's dance), but we think it'd be good for her (and maybe fun for her) t0 learn more. She is learning "leave it" and "park" really easily. At the dog training class, she was like, "Um, that's DIRT below my belly" when we tried to get her to learn to lie down. But we'll work on that one more at home before the next class. She's very eager to please, so I'm sure she'll get it.

Really, we ended up with the sweetest dog ever. We are so lucky.

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